The Flemish Baroque Paintings


Rank: 92
Puzzles solved: 20

Team Members:

Dan, Jim, Sawyer, Natalya, Kahn, David
Puzzle Incorrect guesses Unlock time (EDT) Time to solve Solve time (EDT)
Field Notes 0 55m48s
Entering Competitions 1 52m56s
Cobble 0 2h54m
Round Trip 0 9h7m
A Very Large Integer 0 7h11m
Rock Climbing 0 1h58m
Faded Away 2 1h28m
Ice Fishing 1 15h42m
Garden Cleanup 0 32h49m
Journal Overtakeages 1 94h39m
Too Hot! 0 109h35m
On Thin Ice 0 1h26m
Squared Away 0 160h39m
Stained Glass 2 163h27m
Back to School 9 71h59m
Cryptoornithology 0 1h32m
Artistic Interference 1 14h16m
Unreal Estate 3 19h12m
Summer Camp 0 27h54m
Puzzle Boxes 2 64h18m