We’re going on a trip to the countryside! After being cooped up inside all week, spending a weekend breathing in the fresh air and savoring the brilliant vistas is just what the doctor ordered. Pack some snacks and don’t forget to hydrate!
We’ve set out on our trek through the country, but something seems a bit… off? Use the map to explore the countryside and see if you can figure out what’s happening.
And indeed! All things we’ve seen so far seemed strangely drab and bland, as though they’ve faded away. If we can bring some things back to their former state, maybe we can figure out what went wrong!

It seems like all the strange things we’ve been observing are happening for NO TIME OR SEASON; the four seasons have disappeared!

The entire world has been plunged into a drab and lifeless state. No refreshing petrichor after a spring rain, no golden glow of sunbeams on a late summer night, no crisp, cool breeze on an autumn morning, and no prismatic patterns of ice after a winter snow.

Hope is not lost; we can recover some fragments of the four seasons. If we collect enough fragments, maybe we’ll be able to piece the seasons back together and bring colour back to the countryside.

At last, it appears that we are closer than ever to finding a way to bring back the seasons! But we will need to work out how. Perhaps the Four Season Theorem holds all the answers.
Of course! What we need to help bring the seasons back together is a bit of seasoning SALT! With our newfound knowledge, it’s time to look back on where we’ve been to Emend the Countryside!

After spicing things up with some SALT, we found that A STITCH IN THYME SAVES FOUR; the four seasons have been returned to their original state - maybe even livelier than before!

We go outside once again. The sweet fragrance of cherry blossoms fills the air, followed by bright rays of sunlight piercing the canopy, colourful leaves borne by a cool breeze, and a very gentle, short-lasting snowfall. Signals from each of the Four Seasons indicate their reparation.

The woods look bright and vivid once again, and the dazzling array of colours lifts our hearts. We set up camp, and hear the striking of pebbles by the gushing stream as we relax by the campfire at last.