Emending the Countryside

You've got all the ingredients you need now! Savouring the memories of where you've been, you recall some tasteful advice on what to do.

Note: The answers to the previous puzzles will not be used while emending the countryside.
We defined Autumn's offerings and gathered up what was left. [+12]RingAlthough they were refuses, we were able to track down some fanciful feathered friends. [-1]
We walked down a path consisting of dusters of smooth stones. [-3]Less than someWe went on a cynic excursion. [-10]Body modificationWe observed the wildlife. What a spectate! [-11]
Certain peopleOn a dear day, we observed the sunlight pass through decorative windows. [+10]Something to eatWe saw the creative things loud computing is capable of. [+3]Action with money
We got to know some names from a math sub. [-1]Like Chinese, perhapsWe put things together, and then everything picked! [-12]BaggedWe sorted through some items lying in a buttered garden. [+3]
CharacterWe hung to our nets and trapped some flying insects. [+10]RelativesWe went to register for various puzzle hunts before signups posed! [+12]Feathers
We went hunting for creatures, some of which have jaspers. [-11]Something to eatWe solved some hues in a traveller's logs. [-6]NegativeWe reached the pinnates of peaks. [-5]
Related to part of the bodyWe finished our outdoor exercise with a gelid confusion. [+8]Part of the bodyThe roads were logged, so we used another mode of transport. [-8]Like some cells
We refined in our seats and looked at a complete graph made by our new friends. [-3]Flying animalWe encountered a number that is ridiculously big. It was quite the debate! [+11]Something to eatWe read the reviews left by people with lots of business pout. [-2]
Certain companyIt was time for more masses, and some trivia quizzes. [+7]ZipWe found some presents under our tree - it was a Christmas mirage! [+11]Action at a construction site
InactivityWe discovered precious things "in the rough", to borrow a niche. [-9]Flying animal