Summer Camp

Welcome to this summer camp where you might be connected to the person next to you!


  • I'm associated with the eighth problem in a list which is associated with another participant. (4)
  • Did you know that \(3^2-2^3=1\)3²-2³=1  is the unique answer? (6)
  • I often find that putting my belongings into drawers and shelves help me solve problems. (9)
  • I arrived at the hotel in a coach last night. There were so many guests! (1)
  • I came across a truly remarkable theorem today. (1)
  • Could you fill up this bottle for me please? (3)
  • I can help if you think the binomial distribution has too many limitations. (7)
  • I think cylinders function well. (2)
  • I carry these chains around all the time. (2)
  • What a beautiful equation - who would've thought these constants are all related to each other! (3)
  • I introduced the first problem in a list which is associated with another participant. (5)
  • I generalized the integral first rigorously defined by another participant and now I have my own! (6)
  • My inequality follows directly from an inequality associated with another participant. (5)
  • This is the least well-behaved function I've ever seen - its derivative doesn't exist! (3)
  • If a little theorem doesn't satisfy you, don't worry, I've got a great theorem! (6)
  • I love collaborating with others. (5)


$$\small \begin{align} & \beta + \delta - z + \left\lfloor \frac{l}{30} \right\rfloor + \frac{1}{2}(v-s-r)(\zeta-g-\left\lfloor \frac{\epsilon}{42} \right\rfloor -2) + ceijk(w+\left\lfloor \frac{t-u}{4} \right\rfloor)\\ & - \left\lfloor adx(b+oy) \left(3fy \left( \beta - \left\lfloor \frac{q}{17} \right\rfloor + 15 \right) + \left(p - \left\lfloor \frac{z}{10} \right\rfloor + 7 \right) \left(h + \left\lfloor \frac{l}{62} \right\rfloor +1 \right) - \gamma - \frac{n}{2} -2 \right) \times 10^{-\left\lfloor \frac{\alpha}{m} \right\rfloor-2} \right\rfloor \end{align}$$


Hint: \(\Sigma = 1034339\)Σ = 1034339

The following calculator is only provided for convenience and is otherwise not part of the puzzle.