Star Accommodations

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Reading your competitors' reviews is said to show the way to success, so you've been neatly filing them all away. Now to figure out the way to success...

Albert Chevalier5th April


Yer won' Adam and Eve it! The mansion is par' ov a gian' poin'ed 'ooth!!

Basil Scarsella1st November


This place is for nerds. Come and visit us instead - we represent power!

Charles Barry2nd August


I swear this place is actually haunted. I get a looming sense of dread staying here. Over at my gentlemen's clubs you can get haunted by gentlemen instead ;)

Dixon Butler3rd July


In a good way, there are no buses here.

DrunkGamer13377th June


The only other thing here is what looks like an old, rundown, wine shop. Meanwhile, our place is so popular that it even appeared in Call of Duty!

Edward Wilson2nd June


The celestial temple is pretty good from an architectural point of view, I guess.

George Berkley11th December


Watch out for the vicious flying serpents! You can't go underground to hide from them over at my place, but there aren't any flying serpents to hide from either!

GoodBoiScottie8th December


I will gladly give up space over at my place to build a dog sanctuary like the one found here - even the former police station! I've already given up lots of space for larger buildings, but how can I say no to my beloved Scottie Dog?

Harry Castling1st August


The middle-most Summer mansion with the least creative (and confusing) name ever - drove me bananas.

Henry Coventry6th October


This place smells like a rotting heap of corpses; it's a one-way ride back home for me.

Henry Tanner11th September


Wow! This place has the same name as the third- (or second-) most famous shopping street over at my area - I know because mine is the first!

Hugh Grosvenor4th October


While my place has the highest rent, I swear the cost is justified! Though perhaps I should consider having an actual furry white tiger as a guard - the novelty may bring more customers.

James Burton1st February


It is a coincidence the second of the Northern mansions has the same name as the second animal of the year. Come to my place instead - it is by no coincidence the second (or third) most famous shopping street.

James Vane3rd January


I am intimately familiar with having nothing but a shabby lodging. Looking at all of the other 27 mansions neatly lined up in a circle, I can't help but resonate with the one mansion of empty ruins I am in.

John Nash10th January


Apparently a famous charioteer lived in this mansion around the year 950 BC... If he was still alive, he would have brought you to our place instead, which is the most visited!

Johnny Carson3rd March


Shiniest and biggest star of the lot but I still do not recommend it - my place is unpopular and is a dead end, but somehow it is still more worth it!

Joseph Merrick15th September


Happily surprised when I got more than double what I expected. Back home, I was widely considered a freak and stayed at one of the cheaper places, so this change of pace was a welcome one.

Leslie Green2nd April


Confusing names - thought the mansion next to mine was the place I booked due to how it looked, but it turns out that the mansions' names are Chinese! Also, if you are looking for somewhere quiet, check out my place!

NoChoiceInWar7th November


They have a deity to deal with monsters. Not sure if that is better than using animals....not that we have monsters here!

Passionate Muggle7th February


This is like trying to get to platform nine and three quarters :/

PearLover20008th January


Compared to my place which is right next to a jail, this place is like...incomparably better.

Polly the Parrot5th March


The first of the Eastern mansions, but not first in my heart! That'd be Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese - though it's a pub!

Pubeertea Lads6th July


While my place is the only one named after a building, at least I wasn't named after a vehicle!

Robert Sidney10th May


Meh. The mansion is near the back end, so the view is meh.

Sarah Bentley6th May


Literal feces. I already have to deal with it at work, but here too???

Sherlock Holmes6th October


Pssst! Over at my place, there is a pub named after me with great deals!

The Government2nd March


Be warned! Executions are still a thing here!

Thomas Bond3rd August


I have to say, what they served didn't taste very good. I probably felt more satisfied just looking at the art along my street.