Journal Overtakeages

I documented all my thoughts during my spring break vacation, though I scrambled to get down the countries.

4/6: A US Marine approached me.
The look on his face was terrible, like a wolf, but he assured me that I'll be safe from any hazard.

5/4: Boarded a plane.
After it landed, I decided to skulk around the local markets, looking for a good container for soup to buy.

5/4: I also hike a lot!
I could talk a lot about it and never cease doing it.

5/5: I played baseball with a cub from the bear shelter.
It would throw the ball at me, and I'd bat. After that, I went to cleanse myself of the grime in the nearest hot springs.

4/4: I put my new suit in a closet.
Then I went to a museum to observe works from an avant-garde art movement. They've got this magical energy.

6/5: I saw an army man at the military history museum.
I also thought it was much more creative than my last visit. Just yesterday, they put a new painting on display, featuring a long, sharp projectile and a bow.

4/5: I'm a serial photographer.
Today I took a picture of a group of insects.

5/4: It will rain later today.
This is an opportunity to watch the locals engage in a painful tradition: a dance that includes bending under a bar while stepping on plastic toy bricks while it is pouring.

6/5: Made a mistaken turn while driving.
But it turned out good, as I met the star of Tapeheads on the way! I think my love for him has just been raised to the third power.

4/5: My left leg pains me today.
And also it is freezing outside. Good thing the birds are confined indoors and safe.

5/6: No awry situation distresses me.
In bad days, I like to sit down, listen to music from the band that made the "Numa Numa" song, and eat a citrus fruit.

4/4: One excessive sun ray is of no concern to me.
I was on horseback for many hours, taking in the day's heat with my exposed skin.

5/6: Relaxing in a garden is a pleasant activity.
A very good way to start the day is to listen to my favourite song from The Defamation of Strickland Banks while doing it.

4/4: There was a lot of noise at the bar!
That's just the truth, and unfortunately a shortcoming of the otherwise perfect night I had.

7/4: Today I hit a cactus.
I think my screaming could be heard from very far away, so I am going to try to keep shut in the future.