In the field of cryptoornithology, we tag and track birds much more fanciful than hens or sparrows. Once your job is done, please report back the result as it's commonly called. Good luck!

Use each line exactly once.


[See original puzzle for images not shown below.]

The tags contain strange markings. You’ll need to make some changes for them to work.

Oscar to appear to flourish (5)
Cheerful lover stuck in a loop (6)
Oddly-deprived acrobat tern drops new glass tray (7)
Prudent organization's fruit (5)
Abuse that woman’s ancestor (6)
Globe sold before breakfast’s beginning (3)
Document ribbon , perhaps, within proper limits (5)
Royal rule ends gales (5)
Do again, per direction without direction (6)
In Petra, flu is tame (5)
Pro at unconventional trick (4)
Audibly pronounce “tree” (3)

Extra Practice
While you won’t need these to complete the task, solving them may be helpful.

Reproduces Byzantium's original roads (6)
Vegetable composed of even notes (7)
Sentimental twist to one capital (9)
Confine in Spain , it’s said (6)
Head bug drop taking middle of limo (5)
Replace the flower in a monkey 's living space with electronic cash (5)
Coops in every direction (4)
Bird of darkness, in Yale (11)
Delta is one in favor of former WWE chairman (8)
Uncover lever that includes one (6)