Travelers Seeking Best Inn for the Entire Colony


Rank: 11
Puzzles solved: 26

Team Members:

Ant, jep, Marnix, Roger Wrightshoe, Sy
Puzzle Incorrect guesses Unlock time (EDT) Time to solve Solve time (EDT)
Field Notes 1 11m15s
Cobble 0 32m20s
Round Trip 1 2h25m
A Very Large Integer 0 35m22s
Rock Climbing 0 3h7m
En Route 4 7h37m
Faded Away 1 10h29m
Ice Fishing 0 4h21m
Garden Cleanup 0 1h37m
Squared Away 2 6h59m
Journal Overtakeages 0 7h7m
On Thin Ice 0 1h21m
Summer Camp 0 33m31s
Much Assembly Required 0 14h36m
Puzzle Boxes 6 6h21m
Cryptoornithology 0 1h15m
Unreal Estate 0 2h37m
Artistic Interference 3 2h25m
Too Hot! 0 27h30m
Back to School 5 27h8m
The Four Season Theorem 1 51m27s
Stained Glass 0 34h39m
Emending the Countryside 0 57m56s
Entering Competitions 0 52h14m
Star Accommodations 5 7h37m
Butterfly Catching 6 45h28m